My real life experiences with project management

Project – the basic definition

Let’s start with basics. What is a project?

Any thing which needs to be executed in more than one step is a project.

Immediately follows the question everything in this world is a project; isn’t it? The answer is YES and NO!

Surprised? But I am serious here; it all depends on the distance you are looking from. One fact we all agree with is that the more we move closer to an object more visible its fine details are and vice-versa. The same principal works here as well. How? Let us take an example of a very simple thing from our daily routine, shutting down your laptop once you finish your office work. What all it involves?

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click the Shut down button.
  3. Select Shut down from the drop-down which pops-up.
  4. Click OK.
Now let’s take a broader view. Let us look at this scenario from a distance. This time we will take the example finishing your work and leaving for the day. What are the steps involved?
  1. Finish your work.
  2. Report to your boss.
  3. Shut down your laptop.
  4. Punch your card.
  5. Leave.
Noticed the difference? Shutting down the laptop which was a project consisting of 4 tasks in previous example has now itself become a task because it is now a part of a bigger project and is being looked upon from a distance. Morale of the story?
Every project is a task and every task is a project depending on the distance you are looking from.
Further, every task can be broken into more sub-tasks depending on the relevance and scope of the project. Where and how this concept is useful, we will discuss it next time. Till then, will await your responses.

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