My real life experiences with project management

About projnamcha

The name projnamcha comes from two words: Project and Roznamcha (meaning diary). So projnamcha ultimately means A diary about projects. Projnamcha is my real life experiences with project-management.

I always wondered why something I read in books and learnt in college is not applicable in real-life. I saw many projects failing just because of one small mistake though they followed all project management principles. I kept wondering and then finally bingo! I found out that

  • There are certain things which are not taught as they are thought to be common sense.
  • Another set of information which is taught is not taught in details and hence, at times people fail to implement them in their full spirit.

I started observing each and every small thing at work and then one fine day, decided to pen them down; of-course for my own benefit. The result is projnamcha.

I do not claim to be a subject matter expert in this field nor have I any intention to prove so. I just like to share my views and thoughts and get your views on them. Feel free to write me at Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome and most sought for.


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